Ian Campbell writer & director

want to make a film.

Film Trailers   

A washed-up rock star returns home after 20 years, reconnects with his first love and and discovers he has a grown-up son.

An American businessman brings the ashes of his parents back to Ireland where he uncovers family secrets through his mother's diary.

Short Films  

On the run from drug dealers, JK hides out in a church where the consequences of his actions are played out over and over again. 

An Irish rap star trades anecdotes and autographs for pizza and alcohol when a couple of fans bring him out to suburbia. 


A journey across three continents that explores how technology in education can improve the lives of children in the developing world. 

Samples from multinational and indigenous clients, content 

includes interviews, corporate profiles and case studies.   

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Ian Campbell

Journalist and copywriter turned director and screenwriter, Ian Campbell wants to make a film.